Economic Regulation


Many of APA’s assets are access regulated or price regulated by Commonwealth or State Regulatory bodies.

Recent changes in regulation mean that APA assets, which were previously regulated by state regulators (excluding Western Australia), are now regulated by Commonwealth regulators. However some transitional arrangements apply.

Further regulatory information relating to many of APA's assets is available on the relevant regulators websites. This information includes correspondence between regulators and the asset service providers, submissions by the asset service providers to regulators and reports submitted by the asset service providers as required by regulation. Relevant regulators websites include:

AER Australian Energy Regulator  
ERAEconomic Regulation Authority of Western Australia
QCAQueensland Competition Authority
AEMCAustralian Energy Market Commission
(for issues relating to changes in gas and electricity rule changes)
NCCNational Competition Council
(for issues relating to the coverage of regulation)
AEMOAustralian Energy Market Operator 

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